Residential Rebellion!


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Discussion between Woonopstand and Rotterdam triangle in preparation

The organizers of the demonstration of 17 October 2021 are currently preparing a meeting with the Rotterdam triangle (the mayor, the chief of police and the public prosecutor) to discuss the objectionable, excessive and violent police actions prior to and during the demonstration. We are pleased that ombudsman Reinier van Zutphen has agreed to act as an independent moderator. 

Brandbrief: 'National performance agreements for the housing association sector do not solve the housing crisis.'

The National Performance Agreements on the social rental sector that are currently being drawn up are based on a further marginalization of the social rental sector. The agreements are not only insufficient to strengthen public housing, but even lead to further flexibilisation of rent and a worsening of the position of tenants. These agreements between the government, Aedes, VNG, IPO and the Woonbond will be finalized on 30 June. This should not happen!

Evaluation triangle on excessive and violent police action insufficient

On 2 March, Mayor Aboutaleb sent the Rotterdam City Council a letter about the evaluation of the excessive and violent police action during the Residential Revolt demonstration on 17 October 2021. Unfortunately, we note that the evaluation by the triangle is seriously inadequate and cannot be seen as a proper accountability for police action. We see no basis for the restoration of trust that is necessary for a further discussion and inform the city council that we will not accept the triangle's invitation for a dialogue.

Housing movement on the move: conversation with Aedes

On January 31, 2022, some representatives of the housing movement had a conversation with Aedes, the sector association of housing associations, about affordability, housing security and equal access to housing for tenants and house seekers. Unfortunately, Aedes does not want to comply with our demands. We are preparing for tougher actions. Of course we remain open to the conversation, but the ball is now in Aedes's court.

Residential revolt surprised at the premature settlement of the 'Evaluation in dialogue' motion about police action

In a letter to the Rotterdam city council, Mayor Aboutaleb says that he considers the motion 'Evaluation in dialogue' that was adopted by the council on November 11, 2021 "discontinued". However, there is as yet no public view from the police/triangle and no discussion has taken place between the triangle and Woonopstand. Residential uprising responds in a letter to the city council.