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On October 17, 2021, we made a joint fist with a broad coalition. More and more people, young and old, tenants and buyers, are being affected by the housing crisis. It is high time for a radically different housing policy. After half a year full of national and local housing campaigns, the Woonopstand will continue as a national coalition in which all housing campaign groups work closely together. 

Housing insecurity has also increased in the Netherlands in recent decades. Homelessness has doubled and the housing shortage has exploded. Renting has become more flexible and many people are forced to live temporarily, insecurely, or too expensively. Social rental housing is sold, demolished and liberalized on a large scale. Social renting is marginalized, while the private rental sector is expensive and uncertain. Homes for sale are also out of reach for many. Housing costs are rising. Home evictions are on the rise. And the less wealthy are being pushed out of the city, while the middle incomes are also falling between two stools. At the same time, investors and speculators are taking their chances: for them, housing is a commodity, the safest investment worldwide for those who want to make a profit. All this is the result of deliberate political policy. 


The organizers of the demonstration of 17 October 2021 are currently preparing a meeting with the Rotterdam triangle (the mayor, the chief of police and the public prosecutor) to discuss the objectionable, excessive and violent police actions prior to and during the demonstration. We are pleased that ombudsman Reinier van Zutphen has agreed to act as an independent moderator. 

Exactly one year ago, a coalition of more than 15 solidarity (residential) action groups organized the Woonopstand in Rotterdam. For the first time in nearly 40 years, a wave of housing protests swept across the country and the housing crisis came back on the political and social agenda. Under the motto 'Houses for people, not for profit', thousands of demonstrators came to the Afikaander Park in Rotterdam and marched across the Erasmus Bridge to the center. There was a strong message of mutual solidarity among the very diverse group that stood up for their right of residence on 17 October, which makes a large national housing movement in the Netherlands very much alive again. Even after all the police repression, we have shown that we do not allow ourselves to be divided and that solidarity is stronger than state repression.

As a result of unprecedented inflation, rising energy and rental prices, and significantly more expensive groceries, a huge number of people are facing a tough winter. Sky-high utility bills threaten to push them into financial difficulties or debt. The affordability problems that many people have been experiencing for a long time are exacerbated by a decline in purchasing power such as we have not experienced in decades. This can no longer be the case. The water is not up to people's lips, but hundreds of thousands are now in danger of drowning. Decisive action must be taken now to prevent poverty and further damage to livelihoods. This does not require plastering afterwards, but a structural policy change to prevent damage beforehand and in the future.

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The Woonopstand will continue as a national coalition in which various housing action groups from all over the country are affiliated. We will continue to organize and support actions and initiatives, and have therefore decided to return the donation form to our site. Support the national housing movement Woonopstand with a donation and ensure that we can continue to commit ourselves to a radically different housing policy! 

About us

The #WOONOPSTAND is a broad coalition of (residential) struggle movements, action groups and organizations that work together from the bottom up to radically change housing policy.

On March 28, 2020, we jointly organized the national demonstration 'Houses for People, Not for Profit' which was postponed due to the corona pandemic. We called on the cabinet and landlords, among other things, to stop evictions and rent reductions because of the additional negative consequences of homelessness during a pandemic.

On October 17, 2021, the coalition again organized a national demonstration “Residential Rebellion” in Rotterdam and we showed solidarity with various housing demonstrations and tenant campaigns in the Netherlands.

Do you agree with our views and working method? Then let us know! We would like to continue and expand the Residential Revolt coalition and ask if you would also like to participate in it. Because we are stronger together than alone.

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We call on everyone to show solidarity and fight together for our housing future.

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A broad movement of activist groups and organizations from all over the country will protest in various places in the country for a better housing policy in the coming period. Now is the time to demand change: the new cabinet is coming and local politicians are preparing for the municipal elections in March 2022.

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