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The #woonstand demo Homes for people not for profit! March 28 in Amsterdam has been canceled due to the corona pandemic. We will shortly set a new (inter)national action date and will keep you informed. The struggle for dignified living continues. That's why we get into residential revolt every day.

We are calling for a moratorium/stop on evictions with immediate effect (see the petition). It is never appropriate to put people on the street, especially during a major pandemic like the coronavirus. Special care should therefore be given to homeless people and undocumented migrants whose basic right to housing is already being violated. Housing security for everyone. Now and in the future.

Pay attention! This is an old message about the postponed Residential Revolt of March 28, 2020.

In the last decades, housing insecurity has significantly increased in the Netherlands. Homelessness has doubled and the need for housing has exploded. Renting became flexible and many people are forced to live insecurely, too expensive, or on a temporary basis. Social housing is being privatized, liberalized, or demolished on a large scale. The social sector is being marginalized, while the free sector is expensive and insecure. On top of this, real estate prices have gone through the roof. Housing costs have increased, just as the number of evictions. Less wealthy people are pushed out of the city, and middle-income households fall through the cracks of a failing housing policy. At the same time, investors and speculators make their move: worldwide they treat housing as a commodity to make a safe profit. All the result of deliberate policy making.


Solidarity regards,

Team Residential Revolt


The #woonopstand demonstration “Housing for people not for profit!” of March 28 in Amsterdam will be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. We'll decide on a new (inter)national date soon and will keep you updated. The struggle for dignified housing does continue. That's why we take housing action every day.

We call for an immediate moratorium/stop to all evictions. It is never adequate to put people out on the street, especially not during a pandemic such as the coronavirus. Special care should go out to the homeless and undocumented whose basic right to housing is already being violated. Housing certainty for everyone. Now and in the future.

with solidarity,
Team Residential Revolt

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