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Woonopstand consists of a national coalition to which various housing action groups from all over the country are affiliated. We support and co-organize actions and initiatives throughout the country, and we can always use more help with that. Would you like to volunteer a few hours a week or a month to strengthen the housing movement in the Netherlands? Then let us hear from you!


Have you also noticed that the reporting on the housing crisis in the Netherlands is rather one-sided? The construction and real estate lobbies in particular seem to be well represented in the media, while tenants and home seekers remain virtually invisible. Are you creative and good with text, editing or images? And do you possibly have Do you also have some experience with the press and journalists and do you think it is important that stories surrounding the right to housing gain more visibility? Then we are looking for you! Join the Media working group!

Sociale media workgroup

We would prefer not to communicate via commercial platforms owned by billionaires, but for the time being it still seems necessary to reach and grow our fellow activists and supporters. In addition to our website, Woonopstand can be found on Instagram, X and Facebook. Do you want to help the social media team use these channels strategically and fill them with relevant content? Join the Social Media Working Group!


There are several ways in which you can take action against the housing crisis and several existing initiatives that you can join at local and national level. From the Woonopstand coalition we try to support and facilitate these initiatives. We also take the initiative to organize large national housing demonstrations or actions, which others can join. Are you an activist through and through? Join the Action working group!


Without volunteers, no action! Atmosphere management, spokespersons, people who hand out flyers or go to doors, these are needed again for every action. The volunteer working group is looking for someone who can help coordinate this group and increase the number of volunteers who can be deployed more often for housing actions. Do you enjoy working with people and taking an active role in recruiting activists? Join the Volunteer Working Group!


has a residential situation a vision document and one jointly living manifesto drawn up. But how do we ensure that this vision and demands become reality and are brought to the attention of our representatives? There are various tactics and methods that provide a path to the change needed to ensure that everyone can live comfortably and affordably. Do you like to tackle things and do you have good strategic insight? Would you like to actively use this to help the housing revolt coalition realize its ambitions? Join the Strategy Working Group!

Agenda management working group

Woonopstand has an online meeting every 6 weeks in which current affairs are discussed and updates and actions can be shared. Would you like to help facilitate these online meetings? Consider, for example, asking questions for agenda items, drawing up and sharing the agenda, moderating the meeting or taking minutes of the action points. Are you the facilitating hero we are looking for? Join the Agenda Management working group! 

Website management working group

Are you somewhat technically minded, do you have experience with WordPress and do you enjoy helping to manage the Woonopstand website? Articles, supported actions or other news articles must be regularly uploaded to our website and our action calendar must be updated. Are you the IT professional we are looking for? Join the Website Management Working Group!


Have you become enthusiastic about one of the above positions and would you like to become active in the national Woonupstand coalition? If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected] or respond to the contact form below. 

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