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Woonopstand consists of a national coalition to which various housing action groups from all over the country are affiliated. We support and co-organize actions and initiatives throughout the country, and we can always use more help with that. Would you like to volunteer a few hours per week or per month to participate in the housing movement?

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We are done with the annual rent increase! The maximum rent is increased every year without landlords considering whether this is necessary. This year it is up to 5.8%. That's 30 euros extra per month, which makes a huge difference for some. In these expensive times

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Community and action center opened in Den Bosch

For this weekend we, a group of young people looking for housing, occupied an empty Heimstaden apartment on the Esdoornstraat in Den Bosch. We decided to do this because the waiting lists and housing crisis are enormous and we now need housing. We can no longer allow international locust landlords to privatize our public housing,

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The Hague squatters' movement squats in the Spui building against vacancy and for a sanctuary in the Hofstad

On Sunday, April 7, the Hague squatters' movement announced the squatting of a döner shop with upstairs apartments on the Spui, which had been vacant for years. The building that ex-CDA board member Atom Zhou purchased at the end of last year has been rotting for years. This while tens of thousands of properties are empty and hundreds of thousands are looking for

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