Residential Rebellion!



17 OCTOBER 14:00


Residential revolt demands accountability of police action before dialogue with triangle

On 11 November, the Rotterdam city council passed a motion requesting the Municipal Executive to 'evaluate in dialogue' the police action during the Residential Revolt demonstration on 17 October with the organization of the demonstration. Only after there has been serious justification for the police action surrounding the Residential Revolt of 17 October, can we accept an invitation to a dialogue with the triangle.

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Residential revolt demands independent external investigation into police brutality

We are astonished at the course of the debate that took place on 4 November about the police action during the Residential Revolt demonstration on 17 October. Fifteen protesters spoke and shared their often emotional story about the absurd, reprehensible and violent police action. After many questions and few answers, police chief Westerbeke admitted that he does not have all the information and that mistakes may have been made. Nevertheless, Mayor Aboutaleb refuses to conduct an independent investigation. This is despite the fact that the speakers, Minister Grapperhaus, the Netherlands Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (NJCM), Woonbond, Bond Precaire Woonvorm, Recht op de Stad, Amnesty and others urged to do so. There is also a council motion that calls for this.

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Black Book Police Violence

Following the police action during the Residential Revolt on October 17, 2021,
many protesters shared their stories with us. As an organization we have tried to gain insight
to be obtained in the course of the day and the actions of the police. The statements cover
different times of the day and come from protesters who stand both in front, in the middle
as found at the back of the march.

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November 3, Rotterdam: demonstration against police violence

On Sunday 17 October we revolted against the housing policy in Rotterdam. A peaceful protest in which some 8,000 people took part. A protest that was brutally disrupted by the Rotterdam police on the Erasmus Bridge. Next Thursday, November 4, the Rotterdam city council will debate this one-sided and brutal police brutality. The violence on the Erasmus Bridge is yet another addition to the endless list of scandals at the Rotterdam police force.

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Arrests and disproportionate police brutality

A group of protesters is blocked by the police and the riot police. The reason for this is unknown to us. Arrests are made and disproportionate force is used. A detainee support group is available. More info via

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