Residential Rebellion!


- national housing movement -


Our requirements! Detailed explanation

Read our 9 requirements with detailed explanation here! We are in a housing revolt and will make a joint fist with a broad coalition on 17 October. More and more people, young and old, tenants and buyers, are being affected by the housing crisis. It is high time for a radically different housing policy.

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Donate to the Residential Revolt!

Make a donation and support the organization of our large national housing revolt! With your donation we will finance this campaign and the realization of the national Woonopstand in Rotterdam on October 17, 2021.

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March 28 National demonstration Residential Revolt!

On March 28, we, a broad international coalition of groups, organize the demonstration houses for people not for profit. Whether you are young or old. Everyone is affected by the housing crisis. It is now time to radically change tack. Homes for people not for profit!

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