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Community and action center opened in Den Bosch

For this weekend we, a group of young people looking for housing, occupied an empty Heimstaden apartment on the Esdoornstraat in Den Bosch. We decided to do this because the waiting lists and housing crisis are enormous and we now need housing. We can no longer watch as international locust landlords privatize our public housing, put social housing up for sale or rent it out with insecure and overpriced leases.

Some of us are forced to live with our parents in an untenable situation or have become homeless due to temporary and overly expensive rental contracts. We cannot silently accept this housing insecurity.

Not temporary, not expensive, stop sales of social housing.

It is important to tackle homelessness now and limit the power of (international) investors. We therefore support the action of tenants' association Bomenlandflat and their 5 demands for structural maintenance, renovation and a stop to the sale and flexibility of social housing.
Heimstaden has not withdrawn its intention to sell these social rental properties, so we live in this building to keep it for social rental. This is vital in a housing crisis. Properties in the Bomenlandflat are now also rented temporarily and expensively for almost 1,000 euros per month, purely to keep the option of sale open. Living is not a game of musical chairs. It is downright perverse and unacceptable that investors consider housing insecurity and the risk of homelessness for tenants as a revenue model.

Houses for people not for profit

The financialization of housing and the sale of social housing by, among others, Vestia to investors has led to great housing insecurity, rent increases and scarcity. We want to use public housing for what it is intended for: to provide people with a secure roof over their heads. Houses are for people, not for profit! We organize ourselves not only in Den Bosch. There are actions everywhere in Europe this week during the Housing Action Days. Read more background information and our requirements here https://housingnotprofit.org/housing-action-days-2024/

Together for public housing!

We will also use our home as an action center for the neighborhood and we support the housing struggle of the Bomenlandflat tenants' association. We call on everyone to show their solidarity and take action together for everyone's right to live. The municipality of Den Bosch and the national government must do much more to ensure sufficient good, affordable and secure housing. Offer young people a roof and prevent homelessness. Tackle vacancies and grasshopper landlords such as Heimstaden. 

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