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STOP THE REAL ESTATE PROFITS! | Promotion at Provada June 11, 1:00 PM

Woonopstand will take action against Dutch real estate profiteers at the national real estate fair Provada on June 11 at 1 p.m. Parasitic real estate investors, private (large) landowners, slum landlords and other predatory investors come together here. They make the lives of many hundreds of thousands of people miserable. Participants in this fair are responsible for all kinds of abuses in public housing. Insecurity, flexibilization, evictions, unaffordability, fraud, gentrification, you name it. On June 11, they will negotiate, also together with municipalities and government agencies, about the future of our living environment. The consequences of this public-private partnership are destroying lives and making people homeless. That has to stop!

On Provada, investors make agreements and decide what our cities and villages will look like. Behind closed doors, the big earners will discuss so-called “public housing” in the housing crisis. But for years, people have mainly talked about the housing crisis, and measures to solve this crisis have not been taken. On the contrary, the crisis has only worsened. We are in the midst of the biggest housing crisis since the Second World War. And investors have every opportunity to abuse this housing shortage. 

Why are we joining Provada?

Provada is everything that is wrong with our public housing. The participants in Provada see housing as a revenue model, a market where a house is not for living in, but for making an extreme profit. As a result, housing has become unaffordable and entire cities uninhabitable for people with normal incomes. Housing is a fundamental human right, our rights are being violated and real estate profiteers are getting filthy rich. But this year we, the residents, will also be at Provada, and they will hear us. Houses are for people and not for profit! 

We call on:

  • Prioritize ending homelessness and preventing precarious and overpriced housing. 
  • Expropriation of vacant buildings, vacant building land and slum landlords.
  • Stop subsidizing parasitic investors.
  • Stop the sale and unnecessary demolition of social housing.
  • End the financialization of housing and land.
  • An end to gentrification and segregation of the city.


Show your solidarity with this action and mobilize your supporters! Copy the press statement on your website and/or social media channels and mobilize! We will see you on June 11 at the RAI Amsterdam. Do you support our demands against Provada's real estate profiteers? Sign the call as an organization:


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