- national housing movement -

We are in a housing revolt and will make a joint fist with a broad coalition on 17 October. More and more people, young and old, tenants and buyers, are being affected by the housing crisis. It is high time for a radically different housing policy. Homes for people, not for profit!
In the last decades, housing insecurity has significantly increased in the Netherlands. Homelessness has doubled and the need for housing has exploded. Renting became flexible and many people are forced to live insecurely, too expensive, or on a temporary basis. Social housing is being privatized, liberalized, or demolished on a large scale. The social sector is being marginalized, while the free sector is expensive and insecure. On top of this, real estate prices have gone through the roof. Housing costs have increased, just as the number of evictions. Less wealthy people are pushed out of the city, and middle-income households fall through the cracks of a failing housing policy. At the same time, investors and speculators make their move: worldwide they treat housing as a commodity to make a safe profit. All the result of deliberate policy making.

We are in housing revolution because:

We call on everyone to show solidarity and fight together for our housing rights. Come and join us.

We demand: