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Residential revolt surprised at the premature settlement of the 'Evaluation in dialogue' motion about police action

In a letter to the Rotterdam city council, Mayor Aboutaleb says that he considers the motion 'Evaluation in dialogue' that was adopted by the council on November 11, 2021 "discontinued". However, there is as yet no public view from the police/triangle and no discussion has taken place between the triangle and Woonopstand. Residential uprising responds in a letter to the city council.

Residential Uprising has read the letter of 24 December 2021 “Motion Evaluating in dialogue and commitments in the debate about the Residential Uprising” with surprise. In this letter to the Rotterdam city council, Mayor Aboutaleb informs the council members about the motion 'Evaluation in dialogue' that was adopted by the council on 11 November 2021. Aboutaleb says in the letter that he can "consider the motion as settled", without the police/triangle having published a view and without there having been a conversation between the triangle and us, Woonopstand. Aboutaleb's letter is on the agenda of the Security and Governance committee meeting from January 20, 2022.

Residential revolt still demands accountability for the absurd, violent and reprehensible police action during the demonstration on October 17, 2021 in Rotterdam. A conversation on an equal footing can be part of that. In response to the motion, we sent a letter on November 17, 2021 to Mayor Aboutaleb, in which we set some conditions for the dialogue: we first await the public view of the police, and we do not want to sit down with the Public Prosecutor as long as criminal cases are pending. These demands are not unreasonable and in our view fit with the intention of the motion. Unfortunately, Mayor Aboutaleb did not express the content and consequences of our conditions correctly in his letter to the council. We ask the City Council not to consider the motion as passed.

Read our letter to city council here.

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