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Residential revolt joins the* movement

The housing movement, climate movement, anti-racism movement and other movements and activist groups are joining forces: in July, the* movement was launched, a new progressive coalition of more than seventy social movements and activist groups. In the run-up to the elections and afterwards, the coalition wants to influence the political agenda for a democratic, social and anti-racist Netherlands.

In addition to a manifesto, the* movement has also formulated demands that we will jointly commit ourselves to. For a fair housing policy, we demand:

  • The government has an enforceable obligation to realize sufficient homes that are affordable, accessible, of good quality (free from moisture, mould, lead pipes and structurally sound), sustainable, close to sufficient facilities, culturally acceptable and offer housing security.
  • We elaborate the right to decent housing in concrete laws and regulations and form the basis of all housing policy, both nationally and locally. Migrants (whether they are EU citizens, asylum seekers or undocumented migrants) have equal access to unconditional reception.
  • There is an active policy against parties that have made housing their revenue model. Evictions and rent increases are prohibited. Squatting is no longer a criminal offence. We will abolish the Squatting and Vacancy Act of 2010. Homes are for people, not for profit.

Read the manifesto and all requirements on the website of the* movement.

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