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BPW The Hague – Flyer action against housing insecurity, vacancy & anti-squatting

BPW The Hague will take to the streets in South West during the International Housing Action Week to hand out flyers against anti-squatting, temporary rental contracts and housing insecurity. Join and fight for housing security! We will start on 29 March at 19:30 atruimzicht and then spread over the Dreven en Gaarden & Bouwlust and Vredelust districts, where a number of clusters of demolition buildings are inhabited by anti-squat and temporary residents.

Housing revolt in solidarity with XR in the fight against repression and police brutality!

Coalitie Woonopstand stands in solidarity with Extinction Rebellion in the fight for a just future and disapproves of the harsh intervention of the police and the use of water cannons during the demonstration last Saturday, March 11. 

The housing movement stands behind the peaceful actions of Extinction Rebellion (XR) and their fight for a just future for all living beings on this planet. The climate crisis is inextricably linked to the housing, energy, health and poverty crises, all of which are the result of colonialism and the current racist capitalist system. 

Tenant action Rochdale! – 30 March 14:00

Last year there was a lot of action against the excessively high rents in the Netherlands. Rents have risen horribly in the last ten years, by an average of 35 percent. More than 800,000 tenants in the Netherlands have such high housing costs that they can no longer afford other necessary living expenses. In protest against this, thousands of people have refused the rent increase over the past year. Housing associations react differently to the action of their tenants, but are generally not happy with it. Tenants are regularly intimidated by their landlord with threatening letters, e-mails, text messages, telephone calls, home visits, collection agencies and sometimes even the bailiff is called in. That while it is just your right to refuse the rent increase by not paying it! Would you also like to make use of your legal right and refuse the rent increase in 2023? Follow the step-by-step plan of We Refuse the Rent Increase!

Housing protest Arnhem – 26 March 14:00

After our first protest in October 2021, little has changed in Arnhem. The council that now governs Arnhem has not shown any concrete plans to change the precarious living situation. The city still has many problems in terms of housing. The inconvenient truth is that the problem lies much deeper than we care to admit: capitalism. On March 26 at 14:00 we will demonstrate again on the Grote Markt in Arnhem for a better, more humane and more social housing policy. Come all and let's give the sound together for a more social and radical housing policy.

Student housing protest Nijmegen! – March 9, 4:00 PM

With a national shortage of 26,500 student homes and the prognosis that this number will double in the next 8 years, there is an extreme housing crisis for students in the Netherlands. There is a huge housing shortage in Nijmegen in particular: The number of students on the waiting list at SSH&, for example, has doubled in one year to 6,000, while the student housing corporation will only increase the supply by about a thousand rooms in their current plans until 2030. In addition to the gigantic shortage, the rents of existing rooms are becoming increasingly unaffordable for the average student. A big part of the problem lies in the fact that about half of Nijmegen students rent in an unregulated private sector where slumlords can go their own way. International students, who are practically excluded from this private sector due to discrimination, are also attracted by Radboud and HAN, only to be rendered structurally homeless via SSH&'s 'short-stay' contracts. We demand the abolition of these temporary contracts, the expansion of social rent, the provision of emergency shelter and an approach to slum lords!

Announcement Second Housing Protest and march in Amsterdam – February 26

On Sunday, February 26, 2023 at 13:00, the Woonprotest is organizing a new protest on Dam Square in Amsterdam. The organization concludes that since the first wave of demonstrations throughout the country, nothing has materially improved in the living situation of millions of Dutch people. She calls for more and tougher action against the ongoing mismanagement. After the demonstration, a 'march against vacancy' follows through the Kalverstraat towards the Amsterdam city hall.

Housing revolt meeting 17 February Pakhuis de Zwijger

Dear Residential Activist,

You are very welcome at the first Woonopstand meeting of 2023!
We will first work together on the new vision document of Woonopstand, then we will split into four groups for training and deepening and finally eat together again. You can read the program below. Register for this day using the form below. You can register for one of the workshops.

Residential uprising: 1 year later. What has changed?

Exactly one year ago, a coalition of more than 15 solidarity (residential) action groups organized the Woonopstand in Rotterdam. For the first time in nearly 40 years, a wave of housing protests swept across the country and the housing crisis came back on the political and social agenda. Under the motto 'Houses for people, not for profit', thousands of demonstrators came to the Afikaander Park in Rotterdam and marched across the Erasmus Bridge to the center. There was a strong message of mutual solidarity among the very diverse group that stood up for their right of residence on 17 October, which makes a large national housing movement in the Netherlands very much alive again. Even after all the police repression, we have shown that we do not allow ourselves to be divided and that solidarity is stronger than state repression.