Residential Rebellion!


- national housing movement -

After the Housing protest on September 12, 2021, between 8,000 and 10,000 people came to the national Woonopstand in Rotterdam on October 17, 2021. There we made a joint fist with a broad coalition. It is high time for a radically different housing policy. In the fall of 2021 many more people took to the streets in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Tilburg, Nijmegen, The Hague, Utrecht and Groningen. 

But the housing struggle continues, also in 2022! Residential protests will be organized at both local and national level in the coming months. Here's an overview.

30/01 Residential Revolt - Amersfoort

There is a housing crisis in the Netherlands, also in Amersfoort! As a result of political choices, rents are unaffordable and houses are being bought by investors who drive up house prices to fill their own pockets with profits. Housing is a right, not a revenue model!

Fewer and fewer people are able to find a home and homelessness is a problem that affects more and more people. Temporary leases are on the rise and people desperate for a roof over their heads are increasingly becoming the plaything of anti-squatters and slum landlords. Population groups are played off against each other by politicians who themselves have caused the housing shortage.

Our protest, the Woonrevolte in Amersfoort will take place on January 30th at 14:00 on the Eemplein. Sign up in the meantime as a volunteer or support us with a donation so that the housing protest will soon be audible loud and clear in Amersfoort!

06/02 Housing promotion - Delft

Across the country, people are resisting this artificial housing crisis, and everyone is doing so in their own way. Diverse in action and united in spirit, we will continue to campaign until we see the radical change we need! We demand radical change in housing policy. You too? Come to Delft on 6 February and join the fight!

Sign up as a volunteer via this form or donate!

12/02 Veense Residential Demonstration - Veenendaal

✊ After Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, among others, it is now up to Veenendaal to organize the next housing demonstration.

✔️ Many large cities have already demonstrated against the housing shortage.* People from all over the country come to show support. However, the housing shortage is present in (almost) all municipalities. It is high time that all residents made themselves heard in their own municipality.

*Which was caused by wrong national and local political choices

💪 We will kick off this campaign in Veenendaal. It is time for all city councils and the cabinet to feel that there is support for these protests across the country. Together we can make a difference!

13/02 Housing revolution - Leiden

There is an artificial housing crisis in the Netherlands. This is not a natural phenomenon, but the result of government policy. The government subordinates our right of residence to the interests of investors and landlords. There will be no fair housing policy as long as the government allows investors and landlords to divert a lot of money from the hands of tenants who are in housing shortage. It should not be the case that there are people who own several houses and earn money from this, while others are homeless or have difficulty finding a suitable, decent, secure living space.

We demand housing security for everyone. We demand a radically different and inclusive housing policy in which the right of residence is central. We demand the house keys back to the City of Keys.

27/02 Residential riot - Haarlem

The housing crisis affects everyone, including residents of Haarlem. Bad policy ensures that affordable housing is demolished and replaced by endlessly expensive new housing estates. Starter homes are bought by parasitic investors to rent out for ever-rising prices. And all this while our wages are not increasing. The current housing policy is a mismanagement and no longer serves the people, but the capital.

Enough is enough. Politicians don't stand up for our right of residence? Fine, we'll do it ourselves. Sunday February 27. housing riot. Reinalda Park. Let's break the housing crisis.

13/03 Residential Offensive - Eindhoven

There is a housing crisis throughout the Netherlands. The number of homeless people has doubled in ten years. The housing shortage continues to spiral out of control. Renting is becoming more and more expensive because the amount of social housing is declining and prices in the private sector are extremely high. Buying a house with an average income is almost impossible. This has to be done differently, better, and above all fairer. Housing is not a market. Housing is a right.

We take action. We get up. Will you join us?
March 13 at 14:00 on the Town Hall Square.