- national housing movement -

On October 17, between 8,000 and 10,000 people came to the national Woonopstand in Rotterdam. There we made a joint fist with a broad coalition. It is high time for a radically different housing policy. But the housing struggle continues! Residential protests will be organized at both local and national level in the coming months. Here's an overview.

24/10 Young Socialists Housing protest - Arnhem

After the housing protest in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Arnhem youth will also take to the streets on 24 October in protest against the current housing market. The Young Socialists Arnhem-Nijmegen, in collaboration with Dwars Gelderland and Volt Arnhem-Nijmegen, is organizing a housing protest on the Grote Markt in Arnhem on 24 October.
We are short of hundreds of thousands of homes. People in their thirties live in their parents' attic, divorced couples are forced to continue living in the same house, families camp on campsites. Homelessness has doubled in recent years. Investors are outbidding starters and are taking over our neighborhoods. Young people and singles now spend half their income on rent.
The aim of the housing protest is to draw attention to the housing crisis caused by, among other things, rising house prices and growing waiting lists for social housing.
Now is the time to make our voices heard. It is time for a firm approach to the housing market. 

30/10 Housing shortage Tilburg

When you are fooled by housing associations such as BVwonen and the HuisKey, houses are bought up en masse by large-scale organizations such as Blackstone, huge numbers of rental properties have been in moderate to bad conditions for years, students cannot be accommodated, houses are used as trade instead housing, the number of homeless people is increasing, social housing is declining while vacancy persists, tenants are finding themselves in precarious positions and house prices are skyrocketing, it is time to take a collective stand against the culprits of this problem.
Banks, the government and big business have undermined the housing market for decades. We, the student affected by the student loan system, the hard-working lower and middle class who have to bear all the burdens compared to the upper class or those who have been affected in some other way, are tired of it. Together we can make a stand and as a collective we will have to rise up against their oppressive force. Those who take our most basic and physical rights from us, and with no sense of a just society, take advantage of a corrupt market. A market for which their minister Stef Blok went abroad not too long ago, to recruit large corporations to buy houses in the Netherlands. The system is broken, the system is broken and drastic measures are needed to improve the situation. The first steps have already been made by our supporters, such as during the housing protests in Amsterdam, but more is needed.
For that reason, Housing Emergency Tilburg will join forces with everyone who shares our value on 30 October at 2:00 PM by walking a protest march through Tilburg. Join us and be part of a new and fair system!

31/10 Nijmegen Residential Protest

The Netherlands is in a housing crisis. In recent years, the government has completely let go of control over the housing market through deliberate policy. It did not intervene in rising rents and investors were given free rein in buying and renting out houses. Maintaining the landlord levy also makes it almost impossible to build new social housing. It is too late for small changes in policy. For all those people who are now waiting for a house, things really have to change. Time is running out. A radical change of direction is needed.
Also in our beautiful city we feel the dramatic effects of the failure of national policies. Students go into deep debt to be able to pay the rent and people in so-called mid-term rent pay themselves blue. That is if you can already find a room or apartment; As far as the housing shortage is concerned, Nijmegen is an embarrassing number 3 in the Netherlands.
After the protest in Amsterdam, which took place on 17 October in Rotterdam and the planned demonstration on 24 October in Arnhem, it is now up to us to strike back here as well.
On Sunday 31 October we will take to the streets in Nijmegen. We call on local political parties, organisations, associations and all Nijmegen residents to make a stand together towards The Hague. Nothing will change without a militant movement!

14/11 Residential Resistance The Hague

November 14 at 14:00 at the Koekamp The Hague will demonstrate against the current housing policy. We really need your support to organize this! Every donation is welcome and will be put into the organization. Thank you very much and see you on the 13th of November!

21/11 Residential protest Utrecht

Affordable housing is hard to find in Utrecht and the rest of the Netherlands. An owner-occupied home is unaffordable for people with a low or middle income, and if you are already entitled to social housing you will be on the waiting list for 11 years. Our city is not just for the rich. We must now speak out en masse to ensure that action is taken to solve the housing crisis. We demand that the government intervene and take measures for more affordable housing and housing security for everyone. Because living is a right. And houses are for living in, not for making as much profit as possible.

After Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, there will therefore be a major housing protest in Utrecht on 21 November. The protest will start at 1 pm on the Jaarbeursplein with speakers about the housing crisis and will continue with a march through the city.

The Residential Protest Utrecht is organized by a broad coalition of tenants' organisations, residents' groups, activists and local political parties. 

28/11 Residential struggle Groningen

There is a housing crisis throughout the Netherlands. The number of homeless people has doubled in ten years. The housing shortage continues to spiral out of control. Renting is becoming more and more expensive because the amount of social housing is decreasing and prices in the private sector are extremely high. Buying a house with an average income is almost impossible.

House prices are rising fastest in the Northern Netherlands. In the city of Groningen with 25.5% in the past year. (International) students who come to study in Groningen and Leeuwarden cannot possibly get a room. And in the earthquake zone, people have been abandoned by the government. Almost 40 years after the first earthquakes, there is still no proper compensation scheme for the victims and their homes are becoming increasingly unsafe due to the damage.

The policy creates stress and drives communities apart. It threatens the future of our region. It makes the cities unaffordable and the earthquake area unlivable. We must resist that. We speak out against pawnbrokers who milk students. Against the national government that leaves people from the earthquake area out in the cold. We must show solidarity with all the people affected by this crisis.

On November 28, 14:00, we woke up politics. Then we make a fist at the Vismarkt.