Residential Rebellion!


- national housing movement -

In the context of the Housing Action Days #had2023 of the European Action Coalition asks Residential riot Haarlem attention to the failing housing policy. In the Netherlands, politicians pretend to solve the housing crisis, but in practice “social” policy often fails.

Our action during the Housing Action Days focuses on the inadequate housing policy in Haarlem: The hotel stop that does not prevent short stays, vacancy management that makes vacancy pay and destroys housing rights, social rent with (excessively high) income requirements, the years of malpractice of a student apartment slumlord who being so extreme that #BOOS from BNNVARA had to get involved, it won't stop. And then we haven't even mentioned the luxury apartments in the old V&D building. In times of housing crisis, the municipality sells its real estate for anti-social purposes.

With this action we hope to make it clear that policy is only social if it works not only on paper but also in practice for Haarlem residents!
We ask residents to highlight their own situation by downloading the poster/template and hanging it in front of your window or spraying it with chalk at a location. Woonoproer is not liable for damage and takes the environment into account, the chalk spray is temporary and washes away with the rain. We strongly advise against any other material.

For downloadable templates to print yourself go to or download them here via the housing stand website! Keep an eye on our website for upcoming debates, actions, research and Haarlem housing requirements.