- national housing movement -

The organizations of the national demonstrations Woonprotest, Woonopstand and Woonverzet discussed the failing housing policy with outgoing minister Ollongren today. In that conversation they emphasized that a radical change of course is needed to tackle the housing crisis. The organizers are not yet satisfied after the conversation. Gwen van Eijk, co-organizer of the Residential Revolt on October 17 in Rotterdam:

“It has already been clear in recent weeks that the cabinet only wants to take very small steps, but that does not help the many homeless people, house hunters and everyone who is forced to live too expensive, temporarily or insecurely. Housing is a fundamental right, but the government is still not taking responsibility for realizing the right to housing for everyone.”


Representatives of the housing movement handed the minister their this afternoon Housing manifest, an initiative of dozens of action groups and civil society organisations. This manifesto sets ten concrete requirements to achieve a fundamentally different housing policy. The organizations therefore called on the minister to take immediate steps on Tuesday afternoon.

The organizations are disappointed that in recent weeks only marginal changes in housing policy have been discussed and that there is little sign of urgency on the part of both the outgoing cabinet and the elected representatives of the people. The consultation with the minister once again made it clear that a different vision and more resources are needed to initiate the necessary change of course. Sander van der Kraan, co-organizer of the Housing protest that attracted about 15,000 people on September 12: 

“There is nothing to indicate that the next government will fundamentally change policy. The sense of urgency seems to be missing. If the cabinet does indeed follow through with this policy, the housing crisis will only get further out of hand.”

The organizations therefore continue to exert pressure to force the necessary change and have informed the minister and the parties that have formed this.

“The broad housing movement is revolting to claim the right to housing. So we must continue to protest for a radically different housing policy. I call on everyone to join the growing housing movement. Come to the second national demonstration in Rotterdam on October 17 to force change in politics and the forming parties together.”

“Human suffering is already extraordinary, but the consequences in four years' time will no longer be foreseeable. The government must show that it takes its duty of care seriously. A home is a right, not a commodity. It is a great shame that the necessary change is now being trained by the current coalition parties.”

On September 12, the first national demonstration Residential protest in Amsterdam with about 15,000 people. The next demonstrations are already planned. On October 17, the Residential Rebellion in Rotterdam (2:00 p.m. Afrikaanderpark) and on November 13, the Residential Resistance in The Hague (14:00 Malieveld). People will also demonstrate in Groningen later this year for the right to a home.