Residential Rebellion!


- national housing movement -


Rents have increased by more than 35% over the past 10 years. More than 800,000 tenants have too little left for the necessary costs and living expenses after paying the rent. Action group 'We Refuse the Rent Increase' is therefore fighting for a multi-year rent freeze (2022-2026) to make housing affordable again for everyone, and to keep it that way.

On 2 March, Mayor Aboutaleb sent the Rotterdam City Council a letter about the evaluation of the excessive and violent police action during the Residential Revolt demonstration on 17 October 2021. Unfortunately, we note that the evaluation by the triangle is seriously inadequate and cannot be seen as a proper accountability for police action. We see no basis for the restoration of trust that is necessary for a further discussion and inform the city council that we will not accept the triangle's invitation for a dialogue.

On behalf of many tenants and home seekers who are stuck, the housing action groups urgently appeal to Minister De Jonge (Public Housing and Spatial Planning) not to allow a rent increase on 1 July 2022, and instead to freeze and lower rents and take measures. to regulate all rents, including in the free sector.

On January 31, 2022, some representatives of the housing movement had a conversation with Aedes, the sector association of housing associations, about affordability, housing security and equal access to housing for tenants and house seekers. Unfortunately, Aedes does not want to comply with our demands. We are preparing for tougher actions. Of course we remain open to the conversation, but the ball is now in Aedes's court.

In a letter to the Rotterdam city council, Mayor Aboutaleb says that he considers the motion 'Evaluation in dialogue' that was adopted by the council on November 11, 2021 "discontinued". However, there is as yet no public view from the police/triangle and no discussion has taken place between the triangle and Woonopstand. Residential uprising responds in a letter to the city council.

On October 17, 2021, between 8,000 and 10,000 people came to the national Woonopstand in Rotterdam. There we made a joint fist with a broad coalition. It is high time for a radically different housing policy. But the housing struggle continues, also in 2022! Residential protests will be organized at both local and national level in the coming months. Here's an overview.

By Harriet Bergman for Hard//Head. Police who want to enter into a dialogue with victims after a crackdown. Harriet Bergman doesn't believe it. She sees the police brutality during the Residential Revolt in Rotterdam as a needless provocation that overshadows the demolition of the Tweebosbuurt.

On 11 November, the Rotterdam city council passed a motion requesting the Municipal Executive to 'evaluate in dialogue' the police action during the Residential Revolt demonstration on 17 October with the organization of the demonstration. 

We are astonished at the course of the debate that took place on 4 November about the police action during the Residential Revolt demonstration on 17 October. Fifteen protesters spoke and shared their often emotional story about the absurd, reprehensible and violent police action.