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On November 4, the Rotterdam city council will discuss the police action during the Residential Revolt on October 17. Are you, like us, angry about the absurd and violent police action and do you want to let the city council know? Then you can do 2 things: send a letter to the current affairs council and/or leave a comment during the council committee on Security and Governance. Keep in mind that you cannot leave a comment anonymously. This allows the municipality and the police to find out who you are. On November 4, there are 2 meetings of the city council where the police action is or can be discussed. 

The "current affairs council" is at 10:00 am, where the police action is on the agenda. You cannot leave a verbal statement here, but you can e-mail a letter ([email protected]). Do this before Wednesday, November 3, 3:00 PM. More information about the current affairs council and other letters can be found at: this link.

The Safety and Governance Council Committee will meet the same day at 14:00. Police action is not (yet) on the agenda there. We call on the Commission to allow speaking, because this is the only opportunity for citizens to speak and for councilors to ask questions directly to the speakers. To record, you must register at the registry no later than Tuesday 2 November at 14:00: [email protected] or 0102673400. More info via this link.

Residential revolt does not leave it at that and calls Mayor Aboutaleb and Deputy Mayor Van Gils to account. Residential revolt will let the municipality know that the absurdly reprehensible and violent police action is really not possible and that our right to demonstrate must be protected.

Read also our press statement following the police brutality and share your own experience with the police action during the Residential Revolt on October 17 via [email protected] or via the contact form at the bottom of our press statement. On 3 and 4 November, a broad coalition organizes a demonstration against police brutality in front of the City Hall. Read the call and requirements of this demonstration here.