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Residents of Den Bosch in action against the rent increase during European Housing Action Week on 1 April

Action group 'We refuse the rent increase' starts a campaign against the rent increase in Den Bosch during the European Housing Action Week. Following on from previous years, we call on people to refuse the rent increase, which is introduced every year on 1 July. We guide tenants who want to oppose the rent increase by means of a step-by-step plan and support. On April 1, we will start a flyer campaign and go door-to-door to call on residents of Bosschen for this and to inform them. We gather at 14:00 in front of Cafe de Sjang, Graafseweg 141 in Den Bosch and then head into the neighbourhood. We call on everyone to join and participate.

Tenants in the Netherlands have successfully refused the rent increase: their rent increase as of 1 July 2022 will not take place. Tenants from all over the country who participated in WWDH's rental campaign managed to achieve this by carefully following a step-by-step plan. This step-by-step plan can be found here.

The action group Wij Weigeren De Rent Increase (WWDH) advocates a multi-year rent freeze. When landlords and politicians do not arrange this, tenants try it themselves and with success, as it turns out. Tenants are already registering on the website to participate in the rental campaign in 2023.

The action group was founded a few years ago because there seemed to be no end to the annual rent increases. Landlords, politicians, but also many tenants' organizations often fail to ensure the affordability of rental properties. Spokesman Boer: “More and more tenants are struggling with payment problems, and this year there will be high inflation and rising energy and food prices on top of that. Refusing the rent increase is permitted by law. Because you don't have to agree with a proposal for a rent increase. Landlords conceal this when they propose a rent increase. Home seekers have been on the waiting list for years. If anything becomes available, it is often too expensive. More and more tenants are wondering whether the rent can still be paid.”

The action group has a toolbox with which the action can be successfully conducted. For example, by distributing flyers at rental properties in the city and countryside, tenants are called upon to participate in the campaign. These flyers are available free of charge against shipping costs.

Tenants organize themselves in local solidarity networks and app groups “for tenants, by tenants”. Webinars provide text and explanations about the action options. In Den Bosch you can also contact us for more information or questions the monthly residential consultation hour of BPW Den Bosch that supports the action. This is every first Friday of the month at Ridderspoorstraat 2 between 15:00 and 17:00.   

More and more people live temporarily, insecurely or too expensively. The housing crisis in Den Bosch is not adequately addressed and people are becoming homeless as a result. In addition to growing waiting lists for social rent, the construction of far too expensive homes and the flexibilization of rents, the affordability of rooms and homes is also a major problem. We are now standing up together for the right to live in our city. The time of exploitation of tenants and home seekers is over. Houses for people not for profit! 

We hope to see you on April 1 at 2:00 PM in front of Cafe de Sjang, Graafseweg 141, in Den Bosch, from there we will move into the neighborhood. 

Would you like to hand out flyers or would you like more information? Send us a message via:
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