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Woonopstand invites you to two strategy days on Saturday 21 May (Den Bosch) and Sunday 3 July. From 10:30 – 18:00 (Amsterdam or Utrecht). The strategy days are supported by Current accelerators.


After the housing revolt demos across the country in recent months, in which tens of thousands of people took to the streets in protest against the housing crisis, we want to take stock and look ahead which steps are needed to really win the housing battle.

The housing crisis is now clearly on the political agenda, and that is profit! But what further steps are needed to actually meet our requirements and realize a radically different housing policy? How do we organize ourselves to become an even stronger movement? And which actions bring us closer to our goal?

The residential revolt coalition consists of many different organizations, and many new groups have recently joined. That's great, but the challenge is also huge. That is why we now want to take the time together during 2 strategy days to make a plan to win and grow even closer to each other. So that we can continue to fight for the right to housing with a clear plan and a strong team!

So make sure your organization is there! There is room for 1 to 2 participants per organization.

In order to make the strategy days a success, we would like to ensure participation from as many organizations as possible.

We are looking for participants who:

be actively involved in one's own organization;
be active within the Residential Revolt coalition;
intend to continue for some time to come;
be able to speak on behalf of their organization and provide feedback on the results of the strategy days within their own organisation
can be present both days


It concerns two full days from 10:00 to 18:30. Afterwards there is the opportunity to have a bite to eat. As the days build on each other, we ask participants to attend both days from start to finish.

Corona safety: we want to prevent participants from becoming infected as much as possible. That is why we ask you to do a self-test in advance (self-test also available at the entrance if you don't have one yourself).

We will ventilate the room as best as possible and if you want extra protection you can wear a mouth cap.


What problems are we currently encountering and what are the exact causes? What changes do we face and what counterforce do we need to organize to achieve them?

We analyze the force field within the housing crisis. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses within the Residential Revolt coalition and how we can best act on them.

Day 1: Which strategy can we use to win the housing battle?

Day 2: How can we further organize ourselves as a coalition to win? With which concrete actions can we become stronger in the near future?


The strategy days are supervised by Stroomversnellers, a trainer organization of and for social movements. Flow Accelerators works with interactive methods of learning in a group. Prepare yourself for two days with varied working methods, in which everyone can contribute as much as possible to working on a joint strategy for the Residential Revolt coalition.

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You can register until May 1 by filling in the form on this page.

We have limited places. You will hear no later than 9 May whether you can participate. Participation is free. Travel costs are for your own account.

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