Residential Rebellion!


- national housing movement -

Demolish the housing crisis!
Homes for people not for profit!

Demonstrate with us on April 22 in Zaandam
13:00 Town Hall Square

We believe that the municipality of Zaanstad should do its utmost to guarantee housing as a right for everyone again. Too often we see that housing is used as a revenue model for slumlords, investors, contractors and others who give more priority to their
own profits than the right to housing.

A change of policy resulting in accessible housing that meets the needs of the inhabitants of Zaan is the most important thing for us. We require the following changes:
– Increase the percentage of social housing for new construction to 50 %
– Strict enforcement of the vacancy ban
– Actively tackle slum lords and enforce the points system
– Introduce a degentrification policy and abolish the Rotterdam Act
– More crisis shelter places for Youth Care and Protected Housing
– Expand homeless shelters
– More caravan pitches and space for alternative forms of living
– Sufficiently accessible housing for people with disabilities

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