Residential Rebellion!


- national housing movement -

Rents have increased by more than 35% over the past 10 years. More than 800,000 tenants have too little left for the necessary costs and living expenses after paying the rent. Action group 'Wij Weigeren de Huurverhoging' is therefore fighting for a multi-year rent freeze (2022-2026) to make housing affordable again for everyone, and to keep it that way.

Requirement #6

Containing the financialization of housing: houses are not commodities! Freeze rents for 5 years!

Action group We Refuse the Rent Increase is committed to this multi-year rent freeze through direct action; refusing the rent increase. Action coalition Woonopstand therefore supports this action and calls on everyone to register on the website of the action group and to collectively refuse the rent increase based on a simple step-by-step plan!


You can support the initiative by registering on the website, donating and setting up a flyer campaign locally! Free flyers are available via the Rode Lap, so that everyone can easily organize a flyer campaign in his or her neighbourhood, village or city!

Speech We Refuse the Rent Increase at the Woonopstand 17 October