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Accessibility Afrikaander Park

We ask everyone to use public transport as much as possible, because there are not many parking spaces near the Afrikaanderpark. The Afrikaander Park is easily accessible by public transport.

From Rotterdam Central Station take metro D (direction De Akkers) or E (direction Slinge) to metro station Rijnhaven (the journey takes about 7 minutes). There is a wheelchair accessible lift at the Rijnhaven metro station (we are still checking whether the lifts are under construction that day).
From the Rijnhaven metro station, the distance to the Afrikaanderpark is approximately 600 meters.

If you come by tour bus, people can get off at a designated location at the Afrikaanderpark, but the bus will then have to continue and park elsewhere – please contact us.

We do our very best to keep this page as current as possible. New information is still coming in from authorities and we will add/correct the text if necessary, so check before departure whether new information relevant to you has been added or adjusted.

House rules 1TP3Woonstand

1. Follow the instructions of the organisation, stewards (recognizable by safety vests) and security services
2. We do not tolerate racist and discriminatory expressions and violence
3. Have respect for each other and local residents, entrepreneurs and passers-by
4. Enter the designated area of the demonstration
5. Do not block access to buildings or hinder traffic
6. Keep the demonstration location and route clean: make sure that flyers, waste, etc. are not thrown on the floor
7. No alcohol is allowed during the demonstration
8. Give way to emergency and rescue services

Accessibility Afrikaanderpark and route

De Woonopstand demands housing as a right for everyone and so we also demand that sufficient affordable suitable housing is offered to people with disabilities. There is a great shortage of accessible housing, people with disabilities are often confronted with the impossibility of adapting housing or with rules that hinder access to suitable housing. Fundamental anti-validism should therefore be a central component of the housing struggle. 

In addition, we also want to ensure that everyone can come to the protest or participate in another way. Below you will find information about the steps the organization of Woonopstand is taking before and on October 17 to make this as easy as possible. 

Accessibility: what to expect on October 17?

  • The Afrikaanderpark is a grassy park with several paved walkways that run through the park. The main entrance is wheelchair accessible. If it gets very busy or you need assistance, you can go to one of the two side entrances to the park, where stewards are on hand to provide assistance if needed (e.g. clearing the path for the passage) . Two paved seating areas are accessible via the paved paths and the two side entrances: in front of the stage (see map) and in front of the screen (which will be near the pond).
  • We use plastic road plates to create a paved area near the stage and the screen where people can sit in a wheelchair. Divided over these two locations, we will set up approximately 25 chairs for people who need them. A volunteer will ensure that the seat is actually available to people who need it. There are raised areas along the edges of the park where people can sit, but due to limited capacity we cannot reserve them for people who need them.
  • There is a screen in the park some distance from the stage. Subtitles of the speakers will be shown on it. The live stream is also subtitled.
  • Public toilets are available near the entrance of the Afrikaanderpark, minimum 3 ladies, 1 men, 2 urinals and 1 wheelchair accessible toilet.
Public transport and route
  • Assistance Rotterdam Central: The assistance providers were informed about the Woonopstand and the possible extra demand for assistance on 17 October.
  • The walking route from Afrikaanderplein to Markthal is approximately 4 km long. The route passes several metro stations that can be reached from Rijnhaven: Wilhelminaplein, Leuvehaven and Beurs. It is therefore possible to travel part of the route by metro. Pay attention: The lift from Leuvehaven for the platform towards the central station is under maintenance. 
  • The end point of the route is at Blaak station, where the train, tram and metro stop. If you want to travel by metro from Rijnhaven to the terminus Blaak, you have to change at Beurs. 
  • The route of the march was checked via google maps by a person in wheelchair and she saw no major obstacles on the route. It is possible that this is different on the day itself due to circumstances.
  • Accessibility Rotterdam Blaak station: There is no assistance at this station. It is possible to travel from Rotterdam Central Station to Blaak in a wheelchair, the combination train and platform is accessible. Pay attention:  In some cases, old and inaccessible trains run on this route, check in the NS app which equipment is running at the time you want to travel.
    Conversely, however, on October 17 is not possible because the elevator to the platform towards Rotterdam Central is under maintenance. Rotterdam Central can be reached by metro from Blaak.
Thank you Everyone(in), neuro fairy, Feminists against Ableism and the Association of Disabled Organizations Rotterdam for their indispensable advice and support for accessibility measures.

What if you can't be physically present?

It is of course not possible for everyone to be physically present, but then we would like to emphasize that we still really want to hear your voice and explicitly invite you to follow the livestream that day and share your story with the people on Twitter or Instagram. hashtag #Woonrevolt. Answer the question: why do you come into Woonopstand? In the run-up to and on October 17, we invite everyone to share their story via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.